Next article of Unboxing  series racing equipment. We will talk about the head and neck support device, known as HANS (Head And Neck System). Simpson Hans III is designed to provide maximum safety and support to the most important part of competitor's body in an event of accident.

The use of HANS is complementary, added on helmet. It reduces the possibility of head and neck injuries, such as a skull fracture in the event of collision. It is made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer material. It is also used on karting where it is considered necessary as the seat does not cover the entire back of driver's neck.

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There are two types of HANS, the one in U shape and the new one, the hybrid. HANS allows the user's head to move, but prevents or better said restricts head movements during collision. There are sizes S - M - L - XL, depending on the manifacturer to match all body types. Its use is mandatory by FIA regulations and all helmets have clips to adjust it on.

Simpson Hans device

HANS is attached to the helmet and rests on shoulders. Belts are passed over and tighten to stabilize it. This means that HANS are not connected to the seat, but to the driver. All accessories as well as this device have passed the endurance tests and are FIA omologated.

In conclusion, HANS has a quick release mechanism to easily plug and unplug from helmet.

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