It has been almost a month that we have been in quarantine; due to COVID-19. As we all owe it to ourselves first and to our fellow human beings, we stay home and stay safe to get back to our daily lives and hobbies as soon as possible.

All this time, we are given the opportunity to work on the preparation of our project, on the completion of the preparation of the car for the racing season and our own personal preparation both individually and as a crew.

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Simracing, is not an unknown word for me. I have been simracing since 2009 and my cockpit is like my second  office desk. I believe that simracing helps me improve the way I face real rallies, building and improving my racecraft which is something that will help reduce testing, money and the probability of accidents. I share my simracing sessions through livestreams on my twitch channel We are preparing a series with simracing videos for our channel on YouTube.

Covid19 Crosstraining RallyDiaries

In addition to simracing, both Katerina and I often do cross-training workouts at home. This type of exercise is aerobic with weights, it builds endurance and strength, which we consider important characteristics of an athlete in motorsport. We also love fresh air and nature, and we take short walks on foot or by bicycle.

Covid19 Cycling RallyDiaries

Together with Katerina, through incar videos of other athletes but also through my experience in simracing in rally games we build and improve the way we write notes our own "RallyDiaries slang".

We will present you more in the future. Stay tuned!

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