The ones who are passionate with this world, every year wait the announcement of the date, those who just know that this world exist are waiting just to be invited by the first ones.

What I may know about gaming is negligible, maybe I know a little more about simracing or driving in a simulator. Our arrival with George at GameAthlon event was my first experience in this world. In a place with lack of light, the eye immediately begins to process every corner of the space. The steps lead to the main courtyard of the stadium (the indoor Stadium of Tae Kwon Do) in the main stage with the lights and computer screens lined up all around.

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It is hard to find a seat to play. People of all ages are totally focused in their screens playing their favorite game. A quick walk around and you can see kiosks of computer companies as well as commercial kiosks (sucj as mugs, pop figures, etc).

GameAthlnon F1aXion

Simracing and motorsport were not absent! As in previous GameAthlon, there are racing cars such as a Lancia Delta Integrale of HTTC (Hellenic Time Trial Challenge), a buggy of DiRT GamesFanny Flutters Racing Team cars and cars like Toyota Supra which the majority of people want to see close and take a photo.

One of the most important things in this event was the first appearance of the Greek Simracers Community through the F1Axion team in cooperation of their sponsors, LogithchG and Kotsovolos. Every attendee could play in their simulators and compete in Drive King Championship in which the winner would get a special gift.

F1aXion GameAthlon

It is the ideal place for an event like this. After two hours, the number of attendees has increased, waiting their turn to sit on the bucket and tasate the driving experience. Indeed, the experience is unique. Of course, the presence of H. Vakirtzoglou formula, next to simulators put you immediately in mood. Even George, who is involved in simracing wanted to take a sit. I had the chance to drive in one of those simulators.

F1aXion Gameathlon formula

The team of F1Axion with a smile on their face, are ready to help you start the experience. Firstly, take your sit on the bucket. Then, there is an adjustment with the pedals and the steering wheel position in your convinience. A few words about how the buttons work and the experience has already begun. The formula is in motion and you are driving!

F1aXion Gameathlon winter

In the first lap, I try to handle the changes of gear. In the next few minutes, my hands are in coordination and my goal is to correct two difficult points. Adrenaline is rising and my eyes are focused on the screen. The truth is that this short distance from the screen was not an easy task as I was trying to get used to. However, as the time flies, I feel more comfortable in driving, but the session of 5 laps ended really soon!

I can really understand those who are dedicated to this world and spend their free time in a simulator. Time is needed to get used to all this procedure, but day after day you become more attached. We also had the opportunity to live the experience of using the Virtual Reality Headsets (VR), in a completety different game, IRONMAN.

GameAthlon Playstation VR

After this experience, would I suggest to devote time to all this? Yes! And as I enjoyed it, at the next event I expect the driving experience in VR Headsets!

For now? Back to reality and our preparation for the new racing season! See you around!

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