Starting the new year with optimism from the elimination of the pandemic and the negative aspects of it in our everyday life. Yet, positive things happen, or we try make it happen.

A getaway around the corner! The meeting which was organized by Speedcar Greece. The organizer Mr. John Hekimian who combined successfully the celebration of the New Year's pie in the most suitable place for a crosskart, in Spathovouni's track at Diadromio.

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We were pleasantly surprized by this invitation, as we are not crosskart owners, but both collaboration with DiRT Park team for the Dirt Games Championship 2021, as well as the collaboration itself for the unique competition Speedcar VR Attack in simracing brought us closer.


Speedcar Wonder

The weather was ideal for such an excursion and as we were approaching we could hear the sound of the crosskarts'engines. The rest of our companionship was their first time near kartcross. I noticed their faces and reactions when they were so close. I could not hide that I have missed that sound. We headed to the stands to see the crosskart in the track. Afterwards, the time to cut the New Year's pie has arrived. However, our attention was immediately drawn to the new model of the brand, "Speedcar Wonder". Both externally and technically improved. I can imagine that driving this is a totally new experience!

To my surprise, Mr Gazetas suggested that I drive his 750cc crosskart! My reaction was a big YES with a smile.The feeling of the bucket, the first lap of reconnai​sance keep the pulse high. The special stage was different than the one that I have driven at the race. The feeling was unique in every turn as well as when accelerating at the faster sections of the track. As I started feeling confident... George made the signal for the last lap. A "Thank you" is not enough.

Speedcar XTREM 750cc

Leaving the place a little while later with a feeling of nostalgia, how soon we will be able to do what we love is the quest.

Speedcar Friends

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