Continue to Unboxing series equipment used by competitors in motorsports. Race uniform is fire-proof and of great importance to the feel and easiness of driving the racing car.

So, racing uniform is designed to cover the entire body of the driver, from neck to ankle. It consists of a single piece. It has on or more layers of Nomex. Nomex  fabric is a synthetic material that retains fire over time. This means that when Nomex is exposed to flame, instead of burning or melting, it creates carbon. Thus, the inner layers thickens and prevents heat being transfered to body. Another point is that the thread as well as the zipper are made under specifications in order to withstand the flame. It has elastic cuffs on wrists and ankles which consist of two to four layers of Nomex.

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There are also two handles on the shoulders, one right and one left. These straps are designed to withstand the weight of the driver and the seat in the event of an accident where they should be pulled out of the car together as one body.

Sabelt racing suit

Gloves are part of competitor's protection, they are leather and provide the needed sensitivity to handle the steering wheel. There are two types of gloves, the ones who have the seam line out and the ones in. It is up to your choice what to buy.

Sabelt Gloves

As for shoes, they are fireproof boots which are made of soft leather pad and rubber soles. Rubber soles are thinner than in a regular shoe, so driver has better feel of pedals without slipping.

Beyond racing uniform, there is another layer resistent to flame and heat transmissions, thermal underwear. They consist of a top long sleeve and a long pant, socks and balaclava.

Sabelt custom suit

Regardless of company, you can make your own designs in uniform, gloves, shoes and underwear. After receiving the equipment, it is forbidden to sew something on it, as it endangers your safety. If you want to add something, should be something like a sticker which can be peeled off and of material flame retardant.

All equipment mentioned above has not an expiration day, but it expires based on omologation. Finally, there is equipment with FIA approval that is suitable for all types of racing and without FIA approval which is suitable for track days.

An important note that should be referred is that each piece of equipment overlap with the other to ensure the maximum protection of the competitor. All the equipment is tested in extreme temperatures.

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