The last round of this year championship was muddy. The last days were full of rain. The forcast was better conditions on race day. But we are ready for action and get in our bucket of Speedcar XTREM 600cc. The race is taken place in the motorsport track at Chalkida. This track reminds of special stage in gravel, it is fast and technical. This means adrenaline and fun for the participants as much as spectacle for the attendees.

Sunday morning, the members of the organizing team are ready. The race started a little later, as the weather conditions were getting better as the sun came out. The first participant on the start line. As my turn has come, I feel a little anxious. A technical issue with the clutch keeps me in the service park, but the mechanics did their best to be in place for the first round. 

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With a temporary solution, I am in front of the start line. There is the feeling of stress because I want to finish the round and George be able to start. At the finish line, the intesity I feel decreases and I am heading to the service park. George is ready to get in the crosscar. The agony continues. When George arrived, he jumped out quickly, and the mechanics started to fix it.

Second round and the special stage is different. The passage of racing cars has greatly affected the alignment in many spots. This is clearly a "struggle for survival". I feel ready enough to to try the crosskart in mud, but nothing is certain as I have not driven in such conditions before. A mistake just before the 'barrel'' and I am stuck on the embankment. 

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DiRT Games Χαλκίδα Speedcar XTREM

Four rounds the total for both of us. George had a better performance, with less 'mistakes'. In this race, we lacked the familiarity with the crosskart and the memorization of the special stage. The aim was to experience the changing conditions from mud to dry gravel. We enjoyed it so much!

The race continued with some difficulties and accidents. Nobody got hurt, but everyone gave their best for this final race. The changing conditions we encountered in this race, helped us gain more experience and improve our driving skills.

In conclusion, we feel grateful and want to say a big thank you to mister Kosmas who without any second thought helped our mechanics to solve our technical issue. Most of all, I am honored to receive a prize which was established by the team of EKO Dirt Games after the significant loss of Ariadne Gerasimidou and it is given to the fastest female driver of the race. Ariadne was the creator of the movement #SafetyFirstGr, a project for driving safe and the positive inprint it has left for all of us.

EKO Racing DiRT Games - Αριάδνη Γερασιμίδου

This season, we feel grateful and want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters, the sponsors who were on our side and our team who did their best for us and the crosscar!
Team: DiRT Park

DiRT Park Team

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