Dimitsana Hillclimb is one of the favourite hillclimbs. The cool climate that prevails in Dimitsana, the distance of the hillclimb from Athens and the big cities make it an opportunity for relaxation in the middle of summer.

My last participation was in 2020 while in 2021 i was there as a volunteer marshall. Many things have changed on the Peugeot 205 GTi since 2020 but I have also evolved as a driver so I participated in Dimitsana hillclimb with the goal of a better performance overall.

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The car was ready. In Pititsa hillclimb but also in Tsakona hillclimb we have an overview of the car and how it performs. We improve a small flaw with fuel supply which i solved. The car was at its best ready for Dimitsana hillclimb 2023.

On Friday before the race we prepared the car and on Saturday we arrived at Dimitsana. Έγιναν οι τελευταίοι έλεγχοι πριν τον αγώνα και το Σάββατο το πρωί βρεθήκαμε στην Δημητσάνα. I went into the race test process, a little "numb" testing the car. When there are not many opportunities to drive the car you need a period of adjustment. In general I didn't have the performance I had in mind. A minor technical problem that was solved with the help of my teammates and I thank them very much. In the evening I did a lot of video work at home and got ready for the race.

Bratsos Team Ανάβαση Δημητσάνας 2023

On race day I was more determined. I did a few tests on the course and my spirits were lifted. The hillclimb races are a race where you have to be ready and explosive, it's not like a rally where you can fix things and improve your performance.

The race started on time and my 1st attempt brought a good performance that I had never done before. I eagerly awaited my 2nd attempt  to improve my performance that never came.

Unfortunately, two accidents of teammates due to mechanical failure resulted in injuries to spectators. The drivers with a unanimous decision told the race organizers that we do not want to continue the race. The organization responded immediately to both the incidents and the final announcement which was the cancellation of the Dimitsana hillclimb race.

Bratsos Team - Peugeot 205 GTi

I leave Dimitsana Hillclimb 2023 keeping my very good performance. Thanks to everyone who came to the mountain, I wish a speedy recovery to the reporter and our little friends.

Till next time!!

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