It has been a year since my first contact with formula through a special project where I had the opportunity to participate. The experience of the whole race and being a part of it is something I will not forget.

The positive response to my participation in the Mexican race fills me with anticipation for this trip! On the plus side of this trip, a little reunion from getting to know the program participants. The combination of a Mexican woman living the rhythm of the race, an energetic Costa Rican woman, a Polish woman with a European air and a Greek woman makes the anticipation even greater.

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Arriving in the Mayan country and seeing familiar faces is something special! The drive from the airport to our accommodation had the aura of something big happening in this city. The F1 Gran Premio de la Cuidad de México race is just around the corner.

F1 Grand Prix Mexico Katerina Bratsou flag

My official position in the race is at point 11.7, in the flag subgroup. The team is divided into two subgroups. One responsible for the flags and the other subgroup known as the intervention team. Its role is for members to be along the turn and observe the passes so that in the event of an accident they can intervene after contacting the race center. But they are also responsible for the 'condition' of the track. This practically means that before the race starts they have checked the whole track to make sure that it is clean, the walls are intact, and even the protectors at the points are clean from the top side. There are also 'radio' officials who are directly connected to the race center for the two sub-groups.

F1 Mexico Grand prix RallyDiaries

The two days of practice sessions and qualifying kept the interest high. In addition to the main race, the GTM race and the Formula 4 race. Race day has arrived. The weather forecast is favourable. Although the usual is a 'quiet' race, this year there were twists and turns already on qualifying day. The first twist for the race took place in the first few minutes of the race where there was a scuffle between three Formulas putting out the most 'important' participant for the Mexican people, their national hero! After a little tension prevailed, a relative silence spread through the stands! The race continued in an orderly flow although there was another exit this time for the Haas team. At the finish time and the sound of the fireworks the atmosphere was electric!

I had the opportunity to attend the award ceremony and feel the atmosphere of the completion of a great event! The music, the applause create a shiver! And f1esta continues!

F1 Mexico Grand Prix - Katerina Bratsou

As a people who know how to celebrate every moment, we could not miss the orange army party!!! And if you didn't get it, the judges in orange uniforms (the hidden heroes of every race) have their own extra celebration after the lights go out at the Autodromio Hernado Rodruguez with music, tacos and lots of tequila!

And as they say:

Hasta la proxima! (Till next time)

Saludos compañeros!


P.S.: Upon my return from this trip, I would like to thank Mr. Pournarakis, Mr. Seitanidis and the whole F1 Ant1 team for our discussion that took place at Ant1+



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