After my last race in February where low temperatures prevailed, my next race in co-drivers bucket was in Classic Acropolis Regularity Rally in a perfectly preserved Austin Mini Cooper S, driven by Huffy (Dimitris Stavropoulos).

Classic Acropolis took place at June, as it is used to. A real challenge for all participants in many ways. Weather forecast? High temperatures the whole weekend! The challenge for me is even greater as I participate in a race which lasts two days, with a total of over 900 kilometers. But, this is a challenge which the 90 crews seem to be ready to face.

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Start line in beautiful Acropolis, this weekend seems to be very special. I cannot hide my anxiety as much as being a good co-driver, but I decided that I will enjoy it as much as I can. Arriving at the first special stage, a deep inhalation and my eyes have concentrated in timer, and "GO"!

Classic Acropolis 2019 start

First day included 11 special stages which were quite tight. The pace is fast enough, but the landscape rewarded us in terms of driving and beauty. Special stages in gravel intensify my excitment but I am anxious to see what is coming next. A well known location, Tarzan's house (nickname) make me curious to learn more about the place as much as hear stories of older competents. Three more special stages of day 1, which I will never forget, as I would do the same "mistake" even if I had to do them again!

Wrong, but right as it turned out was my indication while reading the roadbook. As we went through a narrow road, I expressed my doubt about the direction we have taken. Driver's trust on me finds us going back to the last tulip, only to find out that we were on the right way. But now, time is running out and we have to put the pedal to the metal, worried enough if we can make it to the next checkpoint.

Classic Acropolis 2019

So here was revealed the potential of this little car. The adrenaline is on top level, but Mini has nothing to fear. It seems like a toy at driver's hands who does its best to keep up.

End of Day 1 in Itea's Marina, 12hours after our morning departure. Indeed, everyone feels the fatigue, even the cars. Some crews try to make some minor repairs before the daylight is lost. Eating and a good rest. Afterall, we have one more day to race.

Classic Acropolis 2019 Mini Cooperonboard

At the start of the second day, the temperature is really high (34oC degrees). Special stages seem quite tricky, but this is a challenge we love to take. A beautiful moment of the day, the location of regrouping in Arvanitsa. It was about time to take a breath both crews and cars until we start again heading finish line in Acropolis. As the sun sets, the race came to an end.

A nice decision by the side of the organizing team was the awards ceremony which was scheduled for the next day in a nice restaurant. In a relaxing mood, participants had a smile on their faces, discussing their experience after such a race.

My joy finishing this race was great, but the highlight of this experience came with the result as we managed to be 11th overall and1st in F-1600cc category.

From co-driver's bucket,

have a goo summer!

Classic Acropolis 2019 Katerina Bratsou

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