Starting our journey in the world of motorsport and progressively achieving our goals, our first official participation at Hellinic Time Trial Challenge had a positive outcome.

4ος HTTC Race

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In this type of race, as it counted as double, there were trial sessions at the morning before the race. The fastest lap does not define the winner, but the total time of 5 laps does, so the important thing is each driver keeps a good pace during the race.

During Saturday's trial session, my brother and I managed to test the car, as in our last track day, we faced a problem with the gear. Our main goal was, as George says " bring the car home", while having fun, trying to improve our lap time. At the moment we had to race, the track was almost dry (the weather that day was cloudy and rainy). We both had a good pace.

4ος HTTC Race

On Sunday, we slightly improved our driving. As far as i am concerned, my goal was to improve my lap time and George's goal was to maintain a steady fast pace at 1:11'500 - 1:12'00. Both of us achieved our goal. Unfortunately, at the last round of George's session, there was a problem with the exhaust, but he managed to finish the race.

Both of us, happy enough spending the weekend in the track, we are looking forward to be on the track in the near future. We want to thank everyone who was by our side in our first attempt race our car and we are definitely happy meeting even more people who love motorsport.

4ος HTTC Race

As a surprise, Giannis-Marios Papadopoulos of COSMOTE TV was there.

Our first meeting and interview which you can watch here.

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