In the beginning of autumn,the second favorite season of classic car owners, as there are not extreme temperatures as in winter or summer. First project for Corinthian Motor Racing Club organizing a regularity rally with the help of Scuderia Triskelion.

Every race of this kind can be described as a beautiful Sunday ride. That was the feeling of the last race I participated as part of organizing team in one of the most important races in our country. This race was the 2nd race which count at the Hellinic Regularity Championship. It is a fact that in this race, the number of participants exceeded all expectations as it reached the number of 70 crews.

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The start and finish line was in Kiato, next to the sea. But the race was designed among mountains, in such beautiful locations as Stymfalia, Feneos and Doxa Lake. Total distance of race 142 kilometers.

Regularity Rally Συκιωνιών 2016

I still remember my excitement when I was told I would be in navigator's car, where we would place the majority of time marshals and we would end up at Doxa Lake to set up the TC IN and TC OUT. This gave me the opportunity to go through most of the special stages. Of course, in order to do this, our departure from starting point was an hour before the official start in order to be sure that everything would roll smoothly.

While waiting the cars at Doxa Lake, our first difficulty came up. Although it is not prohibited for crews to arrive earlier in TC IN, the time of "break" until the second leg of the race starts was planned in 45 minutes. But while the first car had to start, there were still cars that would be arriving at the same time.

Regularity Rally Συκιωνιών 2016

The solution was found immediately, as the person who was in charge on parking area, helped us and I managed to be at the TC OUT. But what else happened?

To a significant extent, the prevailing weather conditions made the race more challenging. In Kiato, the sun was reflected on the windshields of the cars, and cabriolets were sure that there were no need of placing their roof. Heading in Doxa Lake, clouds had made their appearance and the smell of rain was all around. After a few drops of rain, at the slightly higher altitude, everyone faced hail and fog. After passing between the mountains, everyone's moral was made up in the view of the rainbow.

Indeed, reaching finish line, no one could believe that crews went through all these weather changes. Only some humidified glazing of cars and the use of the roof in cabriolets proved the above.

Late in the afternoom. on my way back home, there was a though that concludes the day: a Sunday with four seasons just at the start of my favorite season, autumn.

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