A global conjuncture that affects our lives, the Covid-19 pandemic is the main issue of the day. Lifestyle has taken on a new twist and the world of motorsport could not but follow. The WRC calendar is in constant change and the fans of motorsport try to follow the news. WRC teams are on alert and who knows what is next to come?

Preparation of the teams who participate in WRC are adapting to the new data, but they do not stop the hard work. So, the Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC chose our country again for its preparation tests before the upcoming race in Turkey. I had the pleasure being member of the organizing team. The members of the team in perfect cooperation led by Mr. Loris Meletopoulos (L.M.), a remarkable man either in action or in coordination of such projects. Compliance with the safety measures took place by both organizing team and the members of Toyota team.

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Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC Greece

August temperatures are at normal levels. First day and first special stage "Kaloskopi". The first crew which would drive the Toyota Yaris WRC consist of Sébastien Ogier - Benjamin Veillas (driver - co-driver). The sound of the car starting cause shiver. Both driver and co-driver has been on greek gravel. The driver seems to like this particular special stage as he drove it last year with Citroën C3 WRC. For the co-driver was his first time in this special stage, but he seemed to enjoy it. Day went smoothly with the team working at intensive pace.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Greece Karoutes

The next day, the test took place in a well-known special stage for greek competitors and fans 'Karoutes'. This day the crew consisted of Elfyn Evans - Scott Martin. The crew worked hard and was mainly focused in improving its performance in gravel than tarmac.

On the last day, the young Kalle Rovanperä took the driver's seat with Jonne Halttunen in the right bucket. The truth is that the whole team had its attention on them. The special stage 'Regini' comprise a really good challenge for what they will face as a crew in the race of our neighboring country in the next weeks.

Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC Karoutes

This year, I had the pleasure of being within the special stages, enjoying the passages of the three crews. The days passed really fast, leaving a feeling of anticipation for the next time.

Φωτογραφίες: Pap Geo Photographer

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