New year, new goals, new experiences. Of course all these cannot be done themselves, and training when given is an opportunity you do not really miss. An initiative/ invitation of organiszation's members in motorsport in Cyprus which took place at the beginning of April, and I find myself participating in a seminar organized by FIA, aiming to improve young people who involve in motorsport.

The whole program is designed carefully and its not only about driving. Nowadays, it is common that be present in the field of motorsport requires a combination of parameters in order to stand in future. So this seminar that lasts two days would provide all the information to young aspiring athletes.

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First day includes theory, fitness and nutrition lessons. In addition, a small seminar on how to deal with the track on paper. Although the base of the program is focused on karting, I found it really interesting. After that, there were exercises on participants' abilities which were recorded after taking some "tests" in aged groups. At the end of the first day, I feel that I will have to study when I come back and try to apply what I have learned.

FIA young drivers trainining programme Katerina Bratsou

Second day which most participants waited for, has arrived. The impatience to get on the kart track is great. The transition from theory to practice, as well as the tips after our first round in the track really mattered. Although I have not driven kart more than three times in my life, I managed to adjust in second round and show some improvement. Of course there were physical exercises again. They lasted shorter but were more demanding than in first day.

FIA young drivers trainining programme

At the end of seminar, I am really satisfied with the knowledge I received, glad to meet such good trainers and thankful for this invitation. Hope to use most of the tips in future!

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FIA young drivers trainining programme Katerina Bratsou

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