We both participate in races as drivers the last two years with the most positive experiences. But what is more important is the contact with people with the same passion and the friendship that is kept out of the tracks. So, this time we spend time with our friends from Patra, Theodore Milonakos and George Sorras, owners of DiRT Park in Chalandritsa.

This year is much same as the previous, so no much of action as we decided to improve our race car. So, here we are in our first track day in gravel with a crosskart) Speedcar XTREM 600cc.

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DiRT Park Chalandritsa

DiRT Park is in an ideal location. Constantly improving with a lot of work but also with vison for the future. As Theodore and George explained their next goals, it was clear that motorsport need more of this: young people with vision, love and apetite for what they do!

DiRT Park Χαλανδρίτσα


It is my very first time driving a real Speedcar XTREM. The only driving experience is in simracing withDiRT Rally 2.0 and a uniwue event that took place, organized by Speedcar Greece and RallyDiariesm with Speedcar VR-Attack, but in reality it was much more challenging. In simracing, you can just make changes in the set-up, and understand the way of driving. In real time, when you hear the 600cc engine behind you and all you have to do is grab the serial lever, the steering wheel, everything is different!

It took me a while to figure out how to drive it, as I had to detach my mind from driving in the way I do in asphalt and move to gravel approach. The most important is the help from the Dirt Park's team. Always be our side to help, explain and make us feel comfortable in the crosscar. Both Katerina and I enjoyed it so much!

DiRT Park Χαλανδρίτσα

Track Day Experience

By arriving at the track, the team welcomes you. Rania with a warm smile makes you feel cozy from the very first moment. There was discussion about the track, next race until the time you are about to get prepared to race. Firstly, there is the 'track walk' with George and Theodore in which they explain the route and the way of driving the Speedcar in its turn. After that, the driving process begins. When the belts are on, your pulses go up. You sit low, the roll cage so close. Entering the track and making the first changes with the serial gearbox, theadrenaline rushes. Reaching turn after turn, you discover this vehicle step by step.

The driving experience is really unique. The layout of the track has ups and downs which means that is a technical track. It requires patiene and precise movements to be able to drive fast. Pleasure is given, as well as a smile of satisfaction when coming out of the session.

Visiting DiRT Park in Chalandritsa and have the driving experience is something 'not to miss'. Just... try it!

Website: https://www.dirtpark.gr/
Facebook: https://fb.com/Dirt-Park-107055004710412
Instagram: https://instagram.com/dirt_park_chalandritsa/

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