Early springtime and though the weather is not so sunny, Dionisos Hillclimb is scheduled and lots of people wait for it every year. It is a hillclimb near Athens and it is so interesting. But this year, this hillclimb will also be part of the 3rd Regularity Championship.

The day of the race has come. Competitors of sporting category are getting ready while regularity race has already begun. In regularity, participants are about to cover a 160 kilometer arc around the eastern side of Penteli mountain. My dute as part of organization was follow the navigator and get at my point. As I do not know the route, my eyes are stuck on roadbook. There is a stress due to weather conditions. At the end, everything went well.

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Indeed, the race was held without obstacles. But, what I really did not get to enjoy, but certainly spectators did? Just before hillclimb starts for sporting, all vintage cars of regurarity category passed in front of them, leaving them speachless with their beauty and sounds! And that is what my brother and his friends told me as they were there. As for competitors? They enjoyed seeing the crowd's suprised faces and their applause.

By the end of regularity race, I managed to be at the start of the second part of hillclimb in sporting, and it was really cool.

Although this race was a new challenge and of course, there were some difficulties, but I found it really interesting and maybe in future should be organized agian!

Photo: efsyn.gr

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