My first steps in being part of organization in motorsport started with regularity rallies, although I was always around fast racing cars. I definitely admired classic cars when I saw them on road, or on shows. But I got to know this particular kind of race. Without going on detail, I am really glad that I had the chance to be in regularity races and learn step by step how to set up a race.

At the seminar I attended, the organizer of Arcadia Classic Tour asked me if I wanted to join in. My answer was immediate, as I love having the opportunity being around classic cars and all that placed in Nafplio. The start of race took place at Fugaro. Participants would do 140 kilometers, six special stages with multiple timings until arriving in Vytina, a place near Mainalon beautiful mountain. All this would be the first day of the race.

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When I got to Fugaro, I met people who were ready to register and of course the whole organizing team. I tried to help through the whole process that takes place before a race starts, such as giving roadbook to participants, entry number etc. Meanwhile, I got answer to some questions of mine, I answered some others, and of course I got ready to be at the start line, where cars start with a simple route until they get in the first special stage.

Time to start the race, everythng is ready. Everyone is focused on the race clock. By the departure of the last crew, I was a little stressed, but everything has gone as scheduled. This was my "small" contribution for the day, as I had to leave due to obligations. Afterall, I would meet everyone later in Vytina.

On my arrival in Vytina, there was a beautiful atmosphere of crews and competitors discussing what they faced during the race. While talking to the team I learned what a time marshal does and much more. This helped as we assimilated what we learned on seminar, difficulties we encountered. Lastly, I was informed about next day's program.

Second day consisted of 70km of enjoyable driving with five special stages through colorful landscapes of Arcadia, ending in Vytina. Everything went well for most of the crews. It sounds like a typical phrase but we have to consider that all the vehicles have to cope with several kilometers and in any weather conditions. The truth is that the weather was good even it was April and it is common to be rainy sometimes. 

During the second day, I was at the same post, but I had the chance to see the result procedure and I quickly distinguished which crews "got in trap". At that time a disadvantage was that I did not know much of mapping or finding the points in roadbook. A few hours later, there was the finale. Recording finish time for each crew and taking their carne. Seeing each crew approaching, you instantly get a sense of joy and satisfaction. Afterall, they made it!

As first experience in being part of the organizing team, the decision to participate in a next regularity race is unquestionable!

Arcadia Classic Tour 2016

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