Until now, my participation in Regylarity Rallies was as part of organizing team. But it was a big surprise for me, when a friend of mine proposed to be his co-driver. I could do nothing but accept it. Participating would give me the opportunity to be in a car which has its own history and I was really curious how the car ended in my friend's hands. The contact with Lefteris (and of course his brother Dimitris) started in a previous race.

Ελευσινιακό Ράλλυ 2017

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In almost every race, discussions about average hourly speed, "smart" timing points are at the center of attention. The difference for me was that I had never done it in practice, as a navigator of race does all the route, but does not follow the bulletin.

What I had to deal after that was that I do not know routes around Athens, but this adds positively to my experience. The 2nd Eleusinian Rally (05.11.2017) had its start line at Heroes Square. I decided to shorten the distance in order to get with my driver on the start line. So, I went with my 205 Peugeot Rally to their place as they wanted to have a look at it.

Ελευσινιακό Ράλλυ 2017

One more surprise? The car we would be racing. A gorgeous Triumph TR6 Cabriolet of 1969. And if you are wondering, it is a car of 2000cc. Fortunately, the weather was good and during the race I enjoyed the sun. Special stages were interesting. Some of them was like participating in a hillclimb and believe me, this car made it through.

But what really made this Sunday more special was this: when we were returning to get my own car, he let me drive this "red beast" (as I call it) and without hesitation! Just a big Thank You!

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