All greek fans knows the great legacy of Acropolis Rally. Our rally was not included in the WRC calendar for 8 years. This rally is a way to support and demonstrate motorsport in Greece globally. All greek rally drivers dream of participating and reach the finish line of Acropolis Rally! Our rally was on ERC calendar for some years. The fans supported the race watching the new R5 cars both on tarmac and gravel. But the real Acropolis missed it's WRC gods.

This year after an organised preparation and proposal from people who knows about rallies in cooperation with the state managed to bring Acropolis Rally on the WRC calendar! After 8 years, all greek fans have the opportunity to admire and watch the gods of rallying, the best drivers in the world on our country's well-known special stages.

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Rally fans were on every corner on every stage of EKO Acropolis Rally!

Greek fans from every part of the country but also rally fans from all over the world visited our country in order to watch the rally! The rally schedule and special stages were one of a kind! The rally started from the city of Athens with the spectacular Athens city stage. First day the cars came to southern Greece at the stages of Loutraki and after that, the rally continued northern to the legendary super stages of Lamia. It was an unforgettable adventure!

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The rally schedule was a bit tight. Technology and applications were used like Google Maps from the organization of the rally and it was easy for each one to find all the Super Stages and the small roads to follow.

My friends and I started our journey from Tripoli on Friday 7:00 and came back with a huge smile on Sunday 21:00! We planned which stages we were going to watch, having in mind all the new safety regulations. We managed to watch two stages on Friday, three on Saturday and one on Sunday.

EKO Acropolis Rally - Sebastien Ogier

We started early in order to manage to watch s.s. Ag. Theodoroi 1 where we stayed till the end. Then we head to s.s. Thiva. We stayed for the night at a camping at Kammena Vourla. On Saturday morning, we headed to s.s Pavliani 1 where we watched about 15 cars and then straight away to s.s. Voxites.

When we were on road to s.s. Eleftheroxori 1, the special stage was canceled and seeing a huge amount of spectators leaving, we decided not waiting to watch s.s. Eleftheroxori 2. We regrouped at our camping and head to s.s Tarzan where we stayed for the night in order to watch both passes of the cars (last day).

ΕΚΟ Acropolis Rally - DiRT Hellenic community

The experience as a spectator after 8 years of not having the rally rekindles the passion for racing. I met new friends but also met old friends on the classic appointment we had of "see you on Acropolis rally". The extraordinary sound of cars, the smell of fuel, lifted our spirit! The drivers were amazing!

EKO Acropolis Rally 2022, 2023!

The rally was one of a kind! Everybody enjoyed it. Fans and drivers left full of joy and everyone is looking forward to the next rally! At the end of this rally, the organization announced that the rally will be conducted on 2022 but also on 2023 which shows that the rally was a huge success!

Last time I watched Acropolis Rally was one year before it stopped. Then I was a simple passionate fan of rallies.

This year, being a rally driver myself I had a different perspective of the rally. Our country fits with the rally standards and similar  worldwide motorsport events. I hope in the future we are going to conduct many more motorsport events and hopefully greek motorsport will rise as a big sport to our country.

Lefteris Bratsos - RallyDiaries

First Acropolis Rally for my little cousin!

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