EKO Acropolis Rally 2022 was a unique experience. Last year, the organization had almost 5 months to get everything ready. This year we were all looking forward to something different!

The organization of EKO Acropolis Rally 2022 was more than ready. They prepared the Super stage at Olympic stadium too! This brought up memories from 2005 and 2006. It was a night to remember! The roadbook also was better. All the days of the rally were consistent for the drivers and fans to move from stage to stage safely!

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The rally started from Peloponnese region and finished in Central Greece region. For me, it's the best combination for the drivers and the fans to watch the rally and all the action between different kind of gravel stages.

The rally schedule was a bit tight. Technology and applications were used like Google Maps from the organization of the rally and it was easy for each one to find all the Special Stages and the small roads to follow.

My friends and I started our journey from Tripoli on Thursday 15:00 and came back with a huge smile on Sunday 20:00! We planned which stages we were going to watch, having in mind all the new safety regulations. We managed to watch three stages on Friday, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Neuville Acropolis Rally 2022 RallyDiaries

We head to Olympic stadium which was spetaculous. We took photos with the cars that happened to arrive the time we arrived too. The Olympic Stadium was almost full and the excitement and the applause from the fans was extraordinary!

Leaving the Olympic stadium we head to s.s. Loutraki were we stayed for the night. We watched all cars and then we head to a new stage called s.s. Dafni. We stayed there for almost half the cars and then head to s.s. Voxites. This special stage is highly recommended to watch. At night we stayed at Moschokaria to rest.

On Saturday we decided to watch s.s. Tarzan and then we head to Service Park at Lamia to visit Katerina. It was my first time to a Service Park. Everything was well organised and people welcomed visitors.

Lamia Service Park Acropolis Rally 2022 | RallyDiaries

In the evening we left Lamia and head to s.s. Eleftheroxori. When we arrived on the lake people were already there with their tents! It was extraordinary! People didn't stop coming there till next day before the special stage started!


The rally was one of a kind! Everybody enjoyed it. Fans and drivers left full of joy and everyone is looking forward to the next rally in our country!

After this year it's true that our country fits with the rally standards and similar worldwide motorsport events. Greece loves motorsports!

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