A sudden phone call from Giannis - Marios Papadopoulos gave me a special joy. He informed me that CosmoteTV's Game R1 show wants to highlight simracing by having a simulator on the set and if I would like to attend to try it out and share my experience with simracing and motorsport in general. My answer was immediately positive.

So I spoke with Pavlos Papapavlou, the host of the show and the appointment for the shooting followed as all these things are done a few days earlier than they are shown on TV.

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The atmosphere of the show is very different from the typical one we are used to seeing. A show with gaming content and a young audience couldn't be more different. Teasing, laughing immediately put me in the mood and took away the stress.

The simracing setup was with a Moza R5 bundle and the Next Level Racing ring. The game we were going to show was EA Sports WRC 2023 the newest rally game from Codemasters. Once we had managed to set up the game and equipment I started to do the first reconnaissance runs as the presenters and the team on the cameras etc were getting ready to shoot.

Game R1 Bratsaki driving with Moza R5 bundle

The Moza R5 is a 5nm direct drive steering wheel. The pedaboard was from the same company with 3 pedals and vibration on the brake. In my opinion it is a remarkable bundle for what it offers and can give many hours of joy playing any game.

The discussion in the show was all about simracing starting with Giannis-Marios Papadopoulos talking about simracing and how it is used by real racing drivers to help them in real races. Then we talked about my own involvement with simracing, real racing and the DiRT hellenic community the biggest simrally community in Greece

Racing Star OMP simracing

I want to thank Racing Star for providing the clothes i wore on this.

I want ot thank Giannis-Marios Papadopoulos and Game R1 for the hospitality. 

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