Conjunctures and quick decisions (with a little madness)... Two of the first components of this trip. But how else?

At the beginning of September, in the rhythms of Acropolis Rally with the aim of helping everyone this year (after so many years of absence) to the outcome of a successful rally and of course to enjoy it. And yes, the reviews are positive and the smile after these days is indescribable!

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The Covid-19 season has more or less influenced the racing schedule for this year. But the mood for action is on. Our team participates in the EKO Crosscar Dirt Games Championship and the next schedule race is October 2-3. The announcement for postponement of the race made a gap. And... long story short, the spectacle of 'flying Finns' along with the autumn landscapes in the land of 1.000 lakes, ecstatic me.

Rally Finland: A unique experience - RallyDiaries

Somehow, I am on rally of Finland ready to watch a WRC race abroad for the first time. Following an institution, even from a different position is fascinating. A similar experience a few years ago following the ERC Greece - Cyprus. But, this time the spectacle is from cars that we will not see next year. My company has not seen a rally up close, but it is ready to live the experience! The planning for the special stages, the schedule were done so fast!

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The spectacle is unique. Jyväskylä, the city where is center of the struggle is truly unique. The service park is located very close to the center, but also next to a lake. Residents and visitors have the opportunity to see the race cars from bridges or when they exit or enter the service area. Of course, service park is not so 'vivid' as for the safety of the teams and competitors, crowd is not allowed. The advertising booths were located in the pedestrian part of the city, a few meters away.

Rally Finland: A unique experience - RallyDiaries

The city in rally mood, everywhere there were flags. At the highlights, the super special stage that takes place within the city, 2,3km long. Its design is really interesting. It started on asphalt from a straight line that has a 180turn, continued parallel in the opposite direction and then uphill in a part of a park with slightly dirt ground. Then crossing the park, some meters of asphalt and finish line!

Rally Finland: Super Stage - RallyDiaries

The organization of rally is different. In most parts of the special stages, there are parking areas and areas to stay overnight. There are marked paths to go to spots in the special stages. Furthermore, in case somebody wants to cross the road of the special stage, there are certain points to have access and safety marshals on both sides. Attendees in a crazy mood and the Finns fans even more passionate.

Rally Finland: A unique experience - RallyDiaries

The trip had also touring on Helsinki and Talin.

Although the reason of this journey was the rally itself, a trip abroad after all this time, was asource of positive energy for what is going to follow.

Soon enough will see you again behind the bucket!

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