The annual meeting of Honda drivers at Serres circuit is the cause of my visit.
I couldn't resist the opportunity of a track day at Serrec circuit. I travelled from Larissa to Tripolis and the next day we started together our trip to Serres with a Mini Cooper S. We chose the route with the best view so we head to Patras, Ioannina and after our 2 days track day we would come back to our hometown from Thessaloniki, Larissa, Athens etc.

We arrived at the track on Saturday and saw every Japan car you can imagine ready for the track. Pit boxes are big, track was clear and everybody on their position in order to have a safe track day. I was lucky to codrive inside a Toyota Carina, a Mazda MX5 and a Honda Civintegra k20a project.

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I also had the chance to drive a Mini Cooper S on track. First time to drive this car on track but i was so excited. The results was also good! I left the track having a smile for many days.

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