One week before the race, BCR Team Greece suggested to race with them at the 24h endurance race at Spa. The team would participate with a Mercedes-AMG GT3, a car that I love to race.

Beside the formalities, BCR Team Greece cosists of Theodore and Giannis. With Giannis, we raced together for one season at F1aXion GT3 championship with our BMW Z4 GT3. Theodore is one of the best company to get drunk with tsipoura (I ensure you), but we do not only catch up at pour free time, we have also cooperated in organizing the DiRT Hellenic community. Afterall, accepting their invitation wasn't hard at all!

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The race started on Saturday 11 July at 16:50 and ended after 24 hours on Sunday! The team started preparing the car and working on the setup, calculating our stints and our pit strategy. Participating in this kind of endurance races needs lots of preparations on every aspect. We were not alone, as members of the Omega Racing Team tried to help us find a good setup for our car!


After many hours of testing the car, we managed to find a good and safe setup. Our team leader, Theodore, announced the schedule of our racing stints and we decided to go safe by changing tyres on every pit stop. We didn't want to risk not finishing the race, while we were already one to two drivers down. The task of finishing an 24h Endurance Race was already hard with 3 drivers only.

We seperated the race in 3-hour stints along with two 4-hour stints. A not so good qualification lap for Theodore and our team started from 41st position of 55 teams. Theodore started the race and managed to keep a good pace, avoiding accidents and risks to overtake. There were many mistakes from other drivers and after the first 3 hours our team was at 22nd position. After Theodore, I drived the car trying to keep up with the pace and also avoid mistakes. Almost before midnight Giannis drove the car improving our pace for the first 4-hours and Theodore drove the second 4-hour at night improving our position to 15th!

24h SPA BCR Team Greece

On 6:00 in the morning I woke up to drive my morning stint and we were already on 10th position. Theodore was tired and I started a bit earlier than we scheduled. I kept a good pace, at least better than the night before and I managed to stay on the same position. Theodore and Giannis took over for the next 6-hours until I drive again for the last time and bring the car home!

Just before I drive we were on 8th position, and we found ourselves wondering if we may need an extra pit stop in order to refuel. It was a bit risky to lose our position, so we decided to preserve fuel in order not to enter the pits.

24h SPA BCR Team Greece

Finally at the end of the race we were celebrating and yelling for our P8. BCR Team Greece had finished the 24-hour race with 3 drivers! Finishing the race is a team-work and I want to congratulate my teammates for that!

Last but not least, I want to thank the team for the invitation to participate on this race, but also for the RallyDiaries logo takeover on our beautiful Mercedes-AMG GT3!

Keep endurance simracing!

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