After my first full year in motorsport, I finally found time to return to my great love of simracing. I have been in this hobby for ten years and it is true that last year I was sad, with not being able to continue doing it after my last very good year at the F1aXion tracks and the GT3 championship.

I finally found some free time to simracing and it's important that i entered a race so early. F1aXion's GT4 championship with Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport was my chance to enter and i took it!

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A well-organised championship targeting new simracers, new drivers, new people that want to make the step into competitive simracing. This championship consists of learning, driving, team-up with drivers, penalties, laugh and having fun racing.

Porsche Cayman GT4

The week before the race was stressfull. I had to sign up for the race, prepare my car's livery and prepare myelf for the race, getting used to my new sumracing equipment.

Porsche Cayman GT4 onboard

My new equipment consists of a Fanatec CSL Elite base and Fanatec CSL Elite pedals with loadcell on the brake. This gave me an instant performance boost and i managed to do my best times eariler but i had to stabilize my performance for the race.

The 'task of Okayama', consisted of 2 races of 30 minutes where in the 2nd race there is a reverse grid for half drivers of the grid. A difficult track with little chances for overtake, in combination with all same Porsches increased the difficulty of the race to the highest level. Every mistake is a chance for the driver behind to overtake.

Okayama Battles

After a year of absence the goal was to avoid fatal mistakes and risky handling while enjoying the races and battles with other drivers. The truth is that I did a good qualification lap, maybe the fastest I've ever done by the time. It put me in 17th place among 24 drivers. Satisfied with the result I entered the race where I went very carefully. An accident to K1 where a knock on the drivers around influenced me to drop to 23rd place. So I was given another motivation for fun.

Okayama Battles EDA

As I regained my pace, I began to get the drivers ahead of me and have impressive battles that i enjoyed, so I climbed from 23rd to 13th in the grid. I am very pleased with my result and on the 2nd race I find myself in 3rd place due to reverse grid. My first thought was that I was going to have even more fights! A good start losing 2 positions but then with very nice and clear battles I managed to keep drivers behind me that were down for half a second. Maybe in some battles I was too offensive and I want to apologize for the contacts we had.

One turn before the end of the race, i was full of enthusiasm of my race, but a mistake from my driver behind sent me out of the track losing many positions and finishing on the 11th position... but that's racing.

At this point I would like to thank the organization for the race but also all people who were in the live broadcast chat watching the race and my supporters who after 1 year of my absence was there for me.

I don't guarantee my participation on this championship, because of lack of time but you will have the chance to watch me racing from my livestreams on

You can watch the race broadcast below.

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