On the weekend of May 18-19 found my brother and me at Marathon, watching the 3rd Hellinic Drift Championship 2019. We have never been in such type of race, so first experience in drifting.

3ος αγώνας Πανελλήνιου Πρωταθλήματος Drift 2019

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The qualifiers take place on Saturday and on Sunday after the warm-up, the race is on! There are two categories, Street Legal and Pro. In Street Legal category, the car which compete have no major conversions and each one car enter in the stage. On the other side, in Pro category, cars race in parallel and the show is really impressive!

The track is designed really carefully and it seems really demanding. After a long straight line, there is a big curve where drivers should keep steady. A big "S", a small straight line which leads in two hairpins and  time to gain some points. At the end, the judges decide who did better.

3ος αγώνας Πανελλήνιου Πρωταθλήματος Drift 2019

So, now imagine the above done by two cars in parallel!

It was a unique experience for us, even as spectators. A stroll around pits where everyone seemed crazy in racing bit and many smiles!

3ος αγώνας Πανελλήνιου Πρωταθλήματος Drift 2019


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