Motorsport races has just started. The longing to participate in a race is more than obvious. During the pandemic, our team was in search of new driving experiences.

So what about race in gravel? Hell, yeah! The first time I show this type of race in track, I was so excited. When I talked about it with George, he was a little hesitant at first. All this time spent at home, he tried to race in his simulator, and this was the start.

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First chance given, we decided to try it on a new track especially made to race crosscars in DiRT Park located in Chalandritsa near Patra. Our crosscar for that day would be a Speedcar XTREM 600cc. The whole experience behind the wheel is unique. The sound of the 600cc engine, the serial gearbox, the feeling of the forces of the gravel in your hands.

DiRT Park - 1oς αγώνας Crosscar - George Bratsos

We really loved that feeling and we decided to drive again in DiRT Park, but on other tracks, too. The location of DiRT Park track is so ideal and worth visiting. The track has turns that seem easy to take, but when you go fast, driving skills are required.

Our participation on the 1st Crosscar Race was our first attempt to race against the clock. The weather condition that weekend were good enough. Sunday starts with big smiles.

George has No1. While the team of mechanics was preparing the Speedcar, George was tied up in the bucket. Ready at start line, the race has officially started.

DiRT Park - 1oς αγώνας Crosscar - Katerina Bratsou

Time to be at start line, too. The Speedcar has already been tested and I feel so ready to race for first time after so long. Count down...and GO! There are not much to think rather than driving! As soon as you start enjoy each round, finish flag comes up!

The race consists of four legs. Happy enough for that! After the last finish, you can only see smiles everywhere! Everything has gone fine!

1ος αγώνας Crosscar DiRT Park Χαλανδρίτσα

A big 'Thank You' to our supporters, our sponsors and for our team who was there to deal with any matter that came up!
Team: DiRT Park

DiRT Park - 1oς αγώνας Crosscar - Speedcar XTREM

Way different the driving experience on gravel with a Speedcar. Much challenging, but unique feeling!

Engaging with gravel is an important driving experience and we hope to be better drivers.

Till next time, happy summer to all!

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