We had lots of games this year. DiRT 4 wasn't much of success to simracing world, because Codemasters abandonned it and started working on F1 2017.

We wanted WRC 7 to make a difference.

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WRC 7 impressed us!


WRC 7 is refreshed, upgraded on the driving side but also on graphics. The new WRC cars are here, but also the company heard their fans and improved the car handling. WRC 7 holds the WRC license and this means that you can drive the official cars of the WRC!
In any case this game is considered a sim. This game targets every driver out there so it must be a fun to drive game and not much difficult!

Let's start from the game modes. This game offers Quick Play, Career Mode and multiplayer online or split screen! The player can choose any car to drive on any stage. There is also the weekly challenges, where you drive one stage for unlimited times setting your best time in a world leaderboard!
This is no cross-platform functionality as it was on DiRT 4.


In game settings, there are all the basic settings from graphics to sound, some basic settings for co-driver and game difficulty. For the first time in WRC series driver starts with a tutorial from the game in order to set the game difficulty to his needs! Driver can choose from keyboard, controller to wheel and setup the buttons. (Note: This game doesn't support multiple peripherals connected together.)

Playing the game is fun. Car setup has many options and stages look real. The grip changes stage after stage and AI difficulty becomes a nightmare. Epic stages, is the new feature of the game where the driver can drive stages lenger that 14km! Co-driver is poor and the instructions are not helpfull at all.

WRC 7 eSports

Last but least we cannot forget esportWRC. The last 2 years there is a world rally championship with this game on all platforms, following the real WRC rounds. There is no other championship on rallies and we must support this one. We hope next year for new drivers to try their lack on the world leaderboard.

Summarizing WRC 7…

Our opinion is that WRC games are trying to change and improve things. The developers are willing to bring huge improvements game after game. WRC 7 is a good suggestion and gamers will be amused.

We tried this game on Thrustmaster T300RS Alcantara, and we thank  I.G.E. for providing the title.

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