The embodiment of my own ambition is heard in the name Speedcar VR-Attack. My involvement as a simracer but also the effort made through RallyDiaries seems to have attracted the interest, in addition to the simracing community, to those directly involved in the motorsport area.

The truth is that during the first quarantine of 2020, simracing became more popular as a hobby and sport. Besides the popular driver like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris that are involved in simracing with streaming on twich, many other drivers like Chris Ingram organized online events in order to promote themselves and their sponsors. Federations and clubs watched their races being canceled (Virtual Azores Rallye 2020) and car brands (Play with C3 R5) followed the same way in promoting their brands and motorsport.

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In Greece, simracing has become popular through  gaming events but also from the Greek streamers that we try to promote motorsport. The organized promotion of our work is a big effort in order to get the results we are working for. The benefits of simracing in motorsport are many, but this is another discussion.

Speedcar Motul Team Greece

Personally I believe that the moment that this article is published, Greek motorsport can't understand the benefits of simracing.

We are in the middle of the second quarantine in Greece and the representative of Speedcar Greece after watching a stream highlight from twitch, he contacted and present me the idea of a simracing challenge. After our conversation, I was pretty sure that the person I was talking to, was also a passionate simracer and that he knew our effort through DiRT Hellenic community!

Speedcar Motul Team Greece DiRT Hellenic community

His proposition was one of a kind!

- Is there anyone in Greece that won a simracing challenge and after that driven the real car? - Maybe!
For sure there aren't 3 drivers that did it!

Our cooperation and preparation of Speedcar VR-Attack was creative and everything was ready in detail! So, let's get on the stick!

Speedcar Motul Team Greece

Speedcar VR-Attack by RallyDiaries & DiRT Hellenic community

Speedcar VR-Attack is a time trial challenge for all Greece and Cypriots that play DiRT Rally 2.0! Regarding if you are using assists, controller, keyboard or wheel, everyone can participate on this challenge and get a chance to get gifts provided from Speedcar Greece and Motul Greece.

Participants need to enter on Time Trial mode of the game and do their best lap on the selected tracks. After that they must fill the Registration Form and upload the photos from their times, all before 30 November 2020.

The first three winners will live the experience of driving the real Speedcar Xtrem of Speedcar Motul Team Greece, in a special event that will be held in DiRT Park Chalandritsa. Our supporter Motul has more surprises for the winners.

► Information & Terms: here
► Registration Form: here

Preparations and training have already begun!
We are looking forward to see you participating to this challenge!

My appreciation to everyone who support the community and are always present when needed.

"From simracing to real rallies"

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