In general i like watching fresh ideas from new people on motorsport and simracing. I always try in any way i can to help them start driving in simracing games, or discuss their issues with games, motorsport and Greek Simracing.

In case of is a bit different. I met them the last few years and started learning from them and their articles. I'm excited that i can talk with them and share my opinion in order to improve their content. They came at the world of simracing the last 2 years and they keep discovering new things all the time.

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I got a message in November from the editor in-chief Dimitri Biza which made me feel event better. It was an invitation at his show "Show Biz" and online podcast for motorsport. I answered with lots of excitement as it was a chance to be part of their work!

We set up a date and they came to my house in order to start this conversation. I was surprised with their professionalism and the good management of the flow of the conversation.

I was nervous at first, but afterwards i relaxed and i believe i had a great performance. I think simracing and motorsport is a strong topic to discuss and i think i handled it properly.

Last but not least, don't be afraid of the duration of the podcast, i want to thank Dimitri for the invitation at his show and wish good luck on your project.

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