GRAVEL starts off with loud music and puts you straight into the game atmosphere. The player is presented with the entire career and the main opponent called to face and steal the show! The game has many options in aids and difficulties. Controller, keyboard and wheel are supported. Although the game is not a simulation and is aimed at a wider public who loves racing (more arcade) the difficulty level of A.I is excessive with the exception of Very Easy and Easy.

GRAVEL is exactly what its name says. Gravel, gravel, gravel. From sandy beaches and tropical forests to muddy slopes in America by truck and RallyCross / Autocross events. There is no dynamic day / night rotation or dynamic weather variations, however there are several races that take place at night or in heavy rain.

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It has more than 50 cars, from historic to modern with many skins to choose from and all have their own sound, driving style and behavior. Your career starts from scratch learning the events until you become the best off-road driver in the world.

GRAVEL - Parker

In the field of graphics, GRAVEL leaves a moderate impression. Unreal Engine 4 has not been fully utilized, with the game sometimes experiencing fps crashes, aliasing and texture popping. Loading screens are also a bit time-consuming (a feature of UE4), especially when launching the game.
In the field of sound the extremely realistic effects were awesome. The announcer, unfortunately, repeats himself strongly.

Gravel modes

The weekly events ~ an idea that came from the DiRT Rally ~ work great at GRAVEL. These events have their own particular difficulty. Free Race and Time Attack are two modes where the user can learn the game's tracks and compete with other drivers from around the world.
Multiplayer has no servers available and we were unable to play Multiplayer.

Summarizing GRAVEL…

A very different company approach to racing games that came to fill the void left by DiRT Showdown or some other similar title in a very nice way. It is aimed at players who love gravel racing and want to spend some time relaxing with a great career or weekly events. It is a game that will entertain you and take you to separate landscapes for 10-15 hours. The huge variety of cars leaves no one complaining, as do the weekly challenges, putting the driver in the competition process.

We tested this game with Thrustmaster T300RS Alcantara, and we thank Bandai Namco for providing the game.

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