The RallyDiaries eRally Championship was created a year ago. An idea that came from our friends' love of simracing, rally simulation and our favourite simulator Richard Burns Rally.

The RallyDiaries eRally Championship has completed a year of great popularity with the Richard Burns Rally crowd. It was held on the most famous platform where the biggest rally championships are held in the Richard Burns Rally simulator.

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The design of the rallies with an approach to be young driver friendly, with short rallies and repetitive special stages, 5-6 different car categories in order to meet the needs of all levels of drivers, showed straight away that the recipe we had in mind would be a success.

The planning combined with the strategy of promoting the championship using our own and world-class channels has brought results.

The first season of the RallyDiaries eRally Championship attracted 442 entries. Continuing on, the second season attracted 713 entries, the third season attracted 640 entries and the fourth season attracted 719 entries.

Through the organization of the RallyDiaries eRally Championship many of our friends got to know the Richard Burns Rally simulator. Even more became actively involved not only with our event but also moved on to other events.

The next seasons of the RallyDiaries eRally Championship will be different. The rallies will evolve and the itineraries will become more difficult.

Our goal is to have fun but also to simulate real rallies and Richard Burns Rally through is the best tool to achieve our goal.

Thank you all for your support!

See you on the special stages of 2024!

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