Pititsa Hillclimb 2023
3rd class Ε10
9th Cat2

Tsakona Hillclimb 2023
2nd class Ε10
4th Cat2

Dimitsana Hillclimb 2023
7th Cat2 (race cancelled)

Achladokampos Hillclimb 2023
2nd class Ε10
7th Cat2


Crosscar Championship 2021
EKO Racing DiRT Games
2nd 600cc category
3rd 600cc category

7th 600cc category
8th 600cc category

18th 600cc category
19th 600cc category


Dimitsana Hillclimb 2020
2nd class Ε10
2nd group 1401cc to 1600cc
2nd group Ε

Achladokampos Hillclimb 2020
3rd class Ε10
3rd group Ε to 2000cc
4rth group Ε


Achladokampos Hillclimb 2019
11th group Ε10
10th group Ε to 2000cc

Tsakona Hillclimb 2019
1st class Ε10
2nd group 1401cc to 1600cc

Dimitsana Hillclimb 2019
5th class Ε10
8th group 1401cc to 1600cc

Classic Regularity Rally (SISA)
1st class F up to 1600cc - Mini Cooper S
11th place overall

26th Gyros Attikis 2019
1st class F up to 1600cc - Mini Cooper S


Spring Rally 2018
1st in class F - Mini Cooper S


George Bratsos

“From simracing to real rallies”

George Bratsos

George was born in Tripolis, Greece. From a young age he was on the family's garage playing with screws and tools but also driving under the supervision and admiration of all. He grew up watching his father preparing race cars and other project cars and he fell in love with racing and motorsport.

Katerina Bratsou

Katerina Bratsou

Katherine was born in Tripolis. She is active in her everyday life. Grow up in a Peugeot 205 as it was the family car, she could not but love the speed and soon enough there was the desire to be in the field of motorsport.