The organizers of the EKO Racing Dirt Games, in collaboration with the teams participating in the championship, organized a special open driving day for all interested parties. The truth is that it caught me off guard. A free driving day for everyone! Like a dream!

The organizers of the EKO Racing Dirt Games never cease to surprise us. My participation in the event in 2021 left me with the best impression, just like this move with the Open Day. Arriving at the track on Sunday, the organizers warmly welcomed us. After completing our registration, we found ourselves in the pits area.

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All the crosscars of the teams were lined up and ready for action. Anyone could drive one crosscar from each team for 2 laps. There were 5 teams on the track, so there were a total of 10 laps per person. The track layout was interesting, as it had the known fast turns of the track combined with 3 hairpins.

Personally, having experience from the past, I was interested in driving a crosscar again but especially in testing the crosscars of the other teams! At the track, I was not alone, as after the repost we made on social media, there was interest from friends to try driving crosscars for the first time! It's nice to be able to share with friends the experience of racing driving, and this was confirmed by the smile they had after their first ride! Stay tuned...

I started with the welcoming team of Sotirchos Engineering/Semog Greece, led by Vangelis Sotirchos. I have spoken many times with Vangelis, his team does really nice things both on and off the track and I would like to have the opportunity to be with them at special events and not only. The Semog I drove was enjoyable.

After my first contact with the track, I tested the Yacarcross Greece crosscar. Mr. Takidellis and his team gave me a nice "tour" of their crosscar, making me feel very comfortable. The Yacar was very fast with nice braking and turning. This was evident in the laps.

The third car I drove was the Greek-made Kosvar by Mr. Varthalitis. This man's passion for motorsport cannot be described. His team and himself travel from Syros for every EKO Racing Dirt Games event and not only! The green crosscar stood out both in performance in my hands and in how easy it was to push without endangering myself.

Fourth stop at the La Base Greece tent. A special construction with the team of Mr. Karanikolas doing an excellent job. Narrow construction, everything is very close in relation to the other crosscars... you wear it! Driving-wise, it's "tight" with absolute behavior.

Last stop with "our own" Speedcar Greece. Giannis and Kostas are a special team. I drove the Speedcar XTREM with the latest 2019 evolution. A different experience than what I knew. A balanced crosscar, with nice turning and acceleration.

A different Sunday has come to an end. A Sunday filled with driving and unique experiences. The Open Day event was perfect and exceeded all expectations for the first time. Hopefully, we will see more events like this in the future.

Thank you very much to all the teams who entrusted their crosscars and I wish everyone good luck in this year's racing season.

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